Midline Catheter Review

8 Lessons


This course will review when midlines should be utilized, best practice care and maintenance guidelines and potential complications.


Peripheral IV Review

7 Lessons


This course will provide a review a vessel anatomy, proper vessel selection, best practice care and maintenance guidance, as well as a procedural review for a peripheral IV insertion.


Basic IV Therapy and Vascular Access Device Comprehensive Review

16 Lessons


This is a comprehensive review of everything IV related! Topics include legal implications, infection prevention, peripheral IVs, PICC lines, midlines, ports, care and maintenance, basic infusion guidelines, complications and blood sampling.


Blood Sampling Best Practice Guidelines And Central line Dressing Change and Flushing Best Practice Guidelines

15 Lessons


2 courses in 1! This course offers 2 half hour sessions. The first covers blood sampling best practice guidelines. The second details the guidelines for performing central line/midline dressing changes and flushing.


PICC Line Care & Maintenance

5 Lessons


Discuss best practice guidelines for PICC line care and maintenance. Reveiw PICC line complications, interventions and preventative measures.


Implanted Infusion Ports

7 Lessons


The course provides a comprehensive overview of implanted infusion ports.

Administration of CathFlo

Administration of CathFlo

6 Lessons


This course provides an overview of thrombotic central line occlusions and the use of alteplase (Cathflo).

Understanding Parenteral Nutrition

Understanding Parenteral Nutrition

10 Lessons


An overview of parenteral nutrition.